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Ebon Hawk all the way (did they ever make a scale model of that thing?)

As to how it survived, and all the nitpicking about it, I'm surprised that all the loose end cowboys who've been griping about the Hawk haven't wondered aloud how it managed to hold on to the faded and stained paintjob through what amounted to a major rebuild on Peragus. The droids replaced a considerable chunk of hull, then apparently went to great pains to match the existant paint scheme. Good thing they didn't shoot as well as they painted, or you'd never get off the mining base
As to how the ship survived Malachor, in LS you SEE it fly away, in DS, you simply don't see it. When it crashes, only the outer hull in the dorm areas is compromised, and we already know it'll fly with half the ship exposed to space once the inner blast doors close

As far as upgunning it, there are already two outer quadlasers (which must be remotely operated, as I can't see any way to get to them), the chin turret you use on Peragus, and a pair of big honking guns in the upper turret. I'd be satisfied if they unlocked the quadlasers. I'd also like to see the opportunity to assign whatever turret you aren't using to another party member, and then just give us more fighters to shoot to make up for the added firepower.

I'd like to see it actually capable of transporting cargo! Put the npcs in the dormatories where they belong (it would seem that it was originally set up for a crew of 6-12, assuming hot-racking or not, and even at that, you could double the number of beds in each and not need the room you lose) Then add some side missions where they have to earn creds transporting cargo or passengers. Frankly, I feel a bit wierd as a light sider sustaining the party on petty pilferage. I'd rather be able to ignore all the loot left carelessly stowed in locked containers all over the place, let alone the macabre practice of looting every body I come across, and, instead earn the money to purchase whatever I need from merchants.
I'd also like to see some of the other areas normally required for navigation to be manned. Even the MF needed a pilot and co-pilot.
The Ebon Hawk is actually a pretty big ship, or would be if it weren't so full of wasted space.

So, all in all, Give us the EH back, but build it better!

How does the PC get it? How did Reven get it (back), how did the Exile get it? Remember, " there is no co-incidence, there is only the force."
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