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ChangeEdit (v1.0.3a) update.

I've done some improvements (I hope) to the ChangeEdit utility. As far as I can remember (I really should write this stuff down somewhere...):
  • Added a GFF Compare function to the GFF panel, as requested. It will take two GFF files (one modified an one unaltered), check which fields have been modified and added, and create Modifiers for the TSLPatcher accordingly. It's still a little rough around the edges, but as far as my limited testing has shown it appears to work. Please see the ReadMe file for more info about how it works.

  • Added a button to the 2DA Panel to copy an existing Modifier. This can be useful if you create many Modifiers which are very similar, allowing you to copy an existing one and only change the necessary columns rather than create it from scratch.

  • Added a helper to the GFF panel that will load all the Field labels from a GFF file into a dropdown box, saving its user some typing and potential typos when creating modifiers to alter the values of existing fields in a GFF format file.

  • Improved the box where you specify the names of new 2DA, GFF and SSF files the TSLPatcher should work with. I added a helper button that lets you pick a file with a standard Open dialog rather than having to type in the name.

  • Modified the helper that loads 2DA file column labels into a dropdown box in the 2DA Modifier editor. It will now find the 2DA file automatically if it's located in the same folder as the changes.ini file (e.g. in the tslpatchdata folder), and only ask for the file with an Open dialog if it can't find the 2DA file there. The box will also keep its content while you edit the same file so you won't have to reload it for every modifier.

  • Added Help hints for most buttons and boxes in the main ChangeEdit window. Check the Status bar at the bottom of the window while placing the mouse cursor over an interface element for some brief description of what it does.

  • Removed the need to manually load tokens into the Value dropdown lists in the 2DA and GFF editors. The dropdown list will automatically refresh its content when you pull down the menu.

  • Fixed most grids/lists to allow double-clicking on a line to edit/load the data it represents.

As usual I've only had limited opportunity to test that things work as intended. If anyone uses this and find any bugs or oddities, please let me know so I can attempt to fix them.

The updated ChangeEdit version can be downloaded from the link in the first post in this thread.


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