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Originally Posted by jaredhimself31
I have been waiting for ever and my patience is running a bit thin
There are a ton of people who have this same feeling, but this isn't the place to rant like this, as it serves no real discussion purpose. (I realise the theraputic value of ranting but if we allowed everyone a rant thread... well, that would be a mess. So no rants unless there is a discussion purpose to it.)

Banding together, sending statments, boycotts, and petitions are all fairly useless in this type of situation. (I have been saying this way too much lately! )

We are simply a Star Wars fan forum please remember that. If you wish to rant like this please take it to the official LucasArts Forums. Thanks...

Since everything that needs to be said has been said.

This thread is now

"Beware the form-fitting black armor-clad Drow hottie with twin Mineral II Greensteel Khopeshes!"
"Liella d'Orien says, '"You're the fool, Devil. -- Witness the power of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL Titan!"'"

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