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If I want to see death and destruction, I'll watch the nightly news. I play video games FOR the happy ending against insurmountable odds. I, for one, am glad they cut the "Atton's death" out of TSL. Would have ruined the game for me (at least while playing female PC) I remember being royally torqued when I thought Atris had killed Briana. Only the excessive cost of replacement controllers kept the one I was holding from close congress with the wall. While I'll accept the deaths of characters in certain circumstances (read, "whoops, maybe I shouldn't have told NPCX he was a sissy-girly-man if he didn't charge the Krayt Dragon singlehanded with nothing but a mining laser and half a plate of cold manacotti!") It should at least be possible to get out with everybody important alive. And if I can save the bad guy in the end? meh.
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