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@Distorted - No I agree with you...don't start doubting what is plainly in the games to this date! If you have followed most of the dialouge options for the major NPC's in TSL then I think that you would see that all of them point to this philosophy that regardless of light/dark Revan was thnking of the balance of the galaxy...If you don't believe me, go back and run through the dialogues with GOTO, Brianna, and Kreia for starters - I think that you will see that you have been connecting the right dots! They have put way too much of the back story into TSL for it simply to change or not matter when KOTOR 3 gets developed (notice I said when, not if). I have even argued that the story of the Exile is much the same - regardless of light/dark - it is about understanding that the Exile must choose the same path as Revan. Because of this...I think that KOTOR 3 has a very good chance to foucs on the sacrifice of the Exile and Revan in order to save the galaxy. So much so, that it may even involve the PC character attempting to understand why - and then being faced with the same choice.

As far as companions go...we know that Mira is supposed to die, just not sure exactly when - I thought that Kreia had said she would die many years later (amy or may not be in the timeframe of KOTOR 3?).

I am not so sure that Atton will die...I would not be surprised to see him "run away" again (perhaps providing a link for the new PC to TSL and KOTOR 1).

I think that it would be very appropriate to have Mandolore die - but I agree with most that it should be in some way that his life is sacrificed for the greater good and by doing so he establishes the legacy of the Mandolorians.

I think that Brianna and/or the Discple will survive in order to keep some semblance of the "jedi" in play...

At times I think that Bao-Dur will sacrifice himself for the Exile, but I also wonder if the opposite might be true...

KOTOR 1 characters that might make appearences (/only to die)...I think will be limited. Most likely their fates will be explained, but I imagine that it will be through dialogue options...
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