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Originally Posted by Pottsie
Bavan walked into the depper jungles of Kashyyyk, with P.O.T.T.S.I.E. following him. Where is this blasted Clan's Main Settlement? Bavan thought.
"Interruption. I was thinking the same thing Master" P.O.T.T.S.I.E. interrupted.
"Don't do that" Bavan told him.
"Question. Do what Master?" P.O.T.T.S.I.E. asked.
"Interrupt me like that" Bavan told him, "I'm thinking where to go next"
Bavan kept walking. It seemed pointless. He had been walking for an hour. However soon he saw a small building.
"This must be the building" Bavan said to P.O.T.T.S.I.E., "Let's get the Codes"

Ooc: you cant go now! you havn't even talked to the mechianic family.

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