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I just tried your suggestion, keeping the rebels in but no forces, that bombs it as well, then I tried giving the rebs a small force on one planet, the game got an exception ~30 seconds into playing but that may be something entriely unrelated. The things I've tried to do are to preety much take the a campaign from campaigns_singleplayer and replace the rebels entirely with a new faction, preety much changing every word thats rebel to my new faction. Doing the entirely same process for Pirates the game runs fine. I made sure the factions between rebel and the new faction are identical for all intents and purposes, the names and colors differ. I couldn't find anything in game constants. I'm interested in a line: <Campaign_Set> Sandbox_Empire_at_War </Campaign_Set> I have no idea where that reference is and I think it may reference which sides are playing. That's what I've done really, I cannot think of what else to do.

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