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Originally Posted by wildjedi
"You go on ahead into Theed. Get some supplies and get back to the Echo. Beryl's not at the Headhunter and I'm going to look for her. If I'm not back to the ship by the time you get back, let them know I'm hunting for her, ok?"
"But..." Cloud said before Jana disappeared into the forest. He was going to tell her that he didn't have any credits and that he spent his own new ship parts since Nic doesn't pay for them himself and that Nic forgot to pay him this morning. Cloud sighed. He continued walking through the forest when he seen a Gungan. It was walking around looking for food. Cloud noticed that a kaadu was with him. He decided to communicate in their language. "Ex squeezee me." called Cloud. The Gungan turned toward Cloud. "Heyo dalee!" said the Gungan back to him. "What can mesa be doin for yu?" "Mesa... er... looking for... uh... Theed." Cloud said in a bad accent. He wasn't very good at speaking Gunganese. "Hmmm..." thought the Gungan. "How bout mesa takin yu to Theed? It be hard walkin in stickgooshy." "Er... Okeeday." Cloud said. They both hopped on the kaadu and rode off towards Theed.


Links to Gungan language above.))

Freakin' sweet!
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