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How tiny is the SW galaxy?

I know it's a fantasy story, but any such story should be somewhat believeable, so bear with me...

In Episode V the Millenium Falcon traveled from Hoth to Bespin with no working hyperdrive well within the lifetime of the ship's occupants. And it was implied that it took, what, maybe a couple of weeks?

These are two seperate star systems. Next door to each other, yes, but Sol and Alpha Centauri are next door to each other too...and that trip would take over 4 years at the speed of light.

So this means the entire Star Wars galaxy - as shown on the galactic map in the game - is some 10 light years wide? Or even smaller? (Compared to the Milky Way, being about a hundred thousand light years wide.)

Also, at the end of the same movie, a galaxy was portrayed in the midst of a starfield. Not many stars exist outside a galaxy...just a few very sparse renegades. This, to me, implies another tiny galaxy within a larger one, if such a thing could exist.

So is the Star Wars galaxy portrayed as one of a collection of tiny "microgalaxies"?

Just trying to get an idea of scale, here...
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