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I agree with RJM.

Mira saw the two sides of the war. She was first Mandalorian, then helped the Republic, by helping the Exile. It's a to cool story to end like this.
Maybe she can help rebuild the Mandalorians, after Candarous dies?

Mira: 'Boba, I AM your mother!'
Boba: 'NOOOOO'

I forgot one thing to mention.
Every single game/film trilogy/book of Starwars ended with a big epic battle in wich several people die.
-We had the Jedi order in Episode 3
-Darth Vader and the Empire in Episode 6
-The death of the last imperial grandadmiral in the 'Heir of the Empire' books
-death of Desh Randar in 'Shadow of the Empire'

I think that, if they try to end the Revan trilogy, they should end with a blast. Of course the series won't be stopped. It could continue with a part 4, maybe 2000 years later for example.
In my opinion they should finsih it in style. Maybe a last Mandalorian army fighting alongside the ailing Republic to beat the Sith? A last alliance of sworn enemys? The last battle of the Mandalorians?

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