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Happy 4th Birthday JKII!!

OK, apparently it is the 26th not the 28th (memory fades with age ), but I've been playing through the single player campaign of JKII again as I do each year to celebrate the release of one of my favorite games of all time.

It is interesting what has happened in these years. Many of the 'Post PC Obi-Wan meltdown' period seem to have drifted at least somewhat - at least of my old fogey co-horts Even StormHammer, who was a bastion of single-player games has become a MP addict, and leXX has become utterly addicted to WoW. Prime now has a baby, and me? I've gone from casual gamer to managing editor at GamerDad.

But Jedi Knight II remains consistent, and remains a wondeful and fun experience. I still get chill at the Yavin Trial area, it remains a cathartic experience and one of the top moments for me in gaming. And the saber combat is still unmatched in any other game.


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