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Ok ppl.

Little update on the next version.

We redone GC map and this is what you can excpect in the next release.

Now we changed how traveling is working.

In the original game :
Let's say that you have planet A and planet B. In order for your fleet to travel from planet A to planet B, the planet B had to be within the range radius of the planet A.

Meaning that you and AI were able to hop from planet to planet and that the frontline was materilized in very rare occasions.

Now we wiped out such system. In order for you to travel from planet A to planet B two planets must be connected with the hyperspace route. No connection no travel even if the planet B is within radius range of the planet B.

The good thing about this system is that now you have key planets which will give you the possibility to travel from one rim to another or which are simple crossroads.

The Empire is starting with coreworlds under its control whereas rebels are having only the Datooine.

We tryed to stick as close as possible to the SW galaxy map used in movies and SW lore.

Units are all rescaled as well as structures......

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