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Well,i didn't want to do a new character since there was only 1 spot.But now that there are three,here it comes!

Name: HK "Reaper" 56
Position In Ebon Hawk Crew: Turrets.
Species: Droid
Favourite Weapon(s):Reaper's Rifle,Reaper's Blaster.
Favourite Ship(s): The Ebon Hawk
Homeworld: Coruscant.
Political Affiliation: Republic/Jedi
Allies: Republic/Jedi
Enemies: Sith.

A droid conceived for assassinating,HK "Reaper" 56 is one of the most brutal assassins of all time.After being sended to kill the Jedi Masters Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin,he failed,and the Jedi's brainwashed him,and turned him good.
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