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Originally Posted by conmanguyler
where is your ion cannon! or hyperverlocity gun (if you are the empire), those ion cannons rule, imanaged to defend a level 2 space station (on its own,with the fighters that spawn from it) with shots from the ion cannon which disabled the enemies 4 ISD's and 1 acclamator ship
Very good point. I tried ion cannons and HV guns, and in my first few weeks of playing this game I didn't put as much priority on them as I did on the other buildings in my lists.

But you're right, those structures can definitely turn the tide in a close space battle.

So I'd change my original opinion to "use your personal preference". If you love duking it out only ship-to-ship, and don't want the help of ground-based defenses, then stick with my original lists. But if you want to make use of these quite effective buildings, then you should certainly use them.

For anyone who'd want to use these structures, then I'd recommend replacing "Turbolaser Towers" in my lists with the Ion Cannon for the Rebellion or the Hypervelocity Gun for the Empire.

(As it turns out I don't have as much faith in Turbolaser Towers as I did at first...the enemy seems to see them just fine early on, and sit back out of range with artillery and wipe them out systematically. There are better ways to use those build slots.)
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