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I'd start off with your character having flashbacks of important times in history. This is the part where you can choice what happened with Revan and the Exile(you choose weather their good or bad and their genders)

Then you awake in a bacta tank. Around you are sith scentists, talking amongst them selfs about you.You have no recolection of your past. They say "Well. It worked. We removed all the force from your blood. You have no more importance to us, goodbye" and just as they're about to put the poison into your tank when the door opens and a group of republic marines enter, gun blazing. After they free you, you go with the controll center and activate a destruct sequence. Their you meet the Dark Lords apprentice and just mange to escape with your life and just one marine known as Logan Solidus

Then you go to the hanger where the Titan (Ebon Hawk's sister ship) is waiting. You then go to Coruscant and learn that you were a Jedi hero who had been missing for a month. You find your old master Zarlak, a yoda like jedi, who explains that you were kidnapped and experimented on by the sith who had only recently returned to the galaxy. Zarlak says that intime you'll remenber your training but only if you train.

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