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My KOTOR III: The Early Middle

As we all know, the middle of any KOTOR game is (and should be)
long and complicated. That's why I called this thread "The Early
Middle". I'm presently writing a play about my personalized version
of the game, and send me a PM with your e-mail address if you
want to see the whole thing thus far. WARNING: It's now 25
pages long, soon to be 30. Here's my KOTOR III Early Middle...

My character, Tysy, wonders if there's any possibility Revan and
the Exile could be wandering within the borders of the Republic.
"Worlds we know," she comments. Atton suggests searching on
Nar Shaddaa, since that's a planet where people go to hide.
The Ebon Hawk touches down in the Refugee Sector.

Quello meets Tysy, Canderous and Bastila with big news...

There's a rally going on, starring Ula Tretiak, who turned Nar Shaddaa
around. She's turned the planet into a manufacturing powerhouse, and
put Vogga the Hutt in a cage! No more Exchange and crime lords here.

At the rally, the crowd starts throwing garbage at Vogga, with Ms.
Tretiak egging them on. After the rally, Tysy goes to wash the shamed
Hutt, but Bastila does not approve of this. Vogga tells her to go check
out Mira, a former bounty hunter with her HQ in an old flophouse.
Mira seeks to challenge Ula for the quadrennial Nar Shaddaa election.

Either that, or work for Ula and Hanharr, her loyal Wookiee bodyguard.

Naturally, Tysy speaks with Mira, but Canderous has a different plan
than helping a former bounty hunter win some namby-pamby election:

"Let's go right for Tretiak and kill her. Mira told us about the secret
tunnels in the Jekk-Jekk Tarr bar, so let's remove her the quick way."

Reluctantly, Tysy agrees, since Hanharr has revealed something awful...

He wants to betray her. Not only that, but Ula serves the True Sith.

Bastila, however, wants to resolve the situation in a more peaceful way.
She wants Tysy to be Mira's running mate in the election, but before
she can talk with the young Padawan, she finds that both Tysy and
Canderous have headed for the former lair of Visquis in the Jekk-Jekk
Tarr. Uh-oh!!! A buzz from Tysy's comlink, and Bastila finds that
they both have been captured by Ula and Hanharr, but Hanharr
says not to worry. He and Canderous both have a plan.

Nevertheless, Visas Marr and Atton Rand must reach Ty and Candelore
before Ula is finished with Tysy in the Seat of Truth...a serum chair
where Tysy has been chained. Ula knows the right dosages to speed
up her "persuasion" of the young Padawan to join the True Sith...

Why read my play? For one thing, the dialogue is WAY better in it.

So, whazzup and whaz u "Early Middle"?

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