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Originally Posted by Orao
If you watch carefully the episode V again you will see that they are looking for planets within their actual star system after they fot dumped from the SD.
Ahhhh.....yes yes yes. You're right. I completely forgot that part. The SD hyperspaced (apparently) to the area of Bespin before the Falcon went on its own during the trash dump (with Slave I in tow).

Thanks mistake. And my apologies for the confusion.


Waaaaait a minute...I'll have to watch the movie again to be sure...but as I remember it, they left Hoth, got jumped by the Empire, escaped into the asteroids, came out of the asteroids and attached to the superstructure of one of the ISDs. Han was counting on them dumping their trash before jumping to hyperspace, which they did. And when they did that, he detached the Falcon and floated away amongst the garbage (and still with Slave I in tow).

This all happened BEFORE anyone went to hyperspace. So when the Empire left the area, the Falcon was still in the sublight vicinity of Hoth. After which they scouted out and traveled to Bespin. Which leaves me asking, "How small is the SW galaxy if they can travel sublight between two different star systems?"

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