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I have added no new lines. These are made from directly copying the Accuser's Unit_Abilities_Data SubObjectList and the original Abilities SubObjectList concerning the porton beam.

1. First I changed the name of this ability in the Abilities SubObjectList (the name which the game use to recgonize the the abilty not the name it will display in-game) to Venator_Energy_Weapon_Attack_Ability to differentiate it from Piette's.

2. Then you will have to change <GUI_Activated_Ability_Name> to match the new abilty you have created. ( This relate the ships to the abilty).

3 . Now pay attettion to <Owner_Particle_Bone_Name> HP_B-M_Bone </Owner_Particle_Bone_Name>. This is where the orange glow will appear on the ship. Originally it is attached to the bone where the tractor beam is on the SD it has to changed.
This HP_B-M_Bone is the bone where the shield gen is located. Bones are locations on the unit.

If you go to the hardpoint.xml and seek out the hardpoints of the ships you will see a line called <Attachment_Bone> This line controls where the hardpoints are placed. Therefore, reading this line will let you know the name of the bone that the hardpoint is attatched to. You can then use this information for attaching other things to this bone.

I have written quite a lot here but there are only 3 steps to allow the ability. Balance the abilty by changing the recharge time, damage per frame, range etc.
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