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[Animation warning]EDIT:: New Siggeh! Fuu.. my least favorite character from SC-

It's up to size too

Nope it isn't... like Darth Moeller states below. -RH

Yeah, been watching ever since it first aired.. been hooked Jin and Mugen are my favorites. Don't like Fuu that much.. too much of a pansy.. even though she can beat me in an eating contest anyday... Jin is so awesome, he just is calm the first minute, then it's pure ownage the second..

Anyway, back on topic. I'll be remaking another Jin sig.. and i'll edit it down to the right pixels.. (*cough* Redhawke *cough*) Even though his KOTOR mods are top notch.. his dodging skills are inferior to my.. lemon throwing skills!

*Throws a few rotten lemons at Redhawke all 'Matrix' like.*

Does Beatrix Kiddo Samurai Sword routine and all the lemons fall to the ground in fourths! -RH

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