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Originally Posted by Orao
We can't affirm this. All we can see in the movie is the Falcon disapearing and Vador asking the commander to calculate possible hyperspace routes for Falcon.

Nothing affirm you that they did not made few hyperspace jumps before dumping. Rember the Empire was looking for them. Which means that they had to jump out of space from time to time in order to scan the space.
Sure we can affirm this. It's a 5-minute scene from the movie, and perhaps 20 pages from the book. The Falcon faces off with the ISD, and attaches to the superstructure. No hyperspace yet.

Darth flips his wig - and maybe kills off a couple of lieutenants out of frustration - and orders a search for the Falcon. Still no hyperspace. And no, the ISD didn't jump to and from hyperspace to look for them. They search while still operating sub-light, until...

They dump their refuse - and the Falcon and Slave I with it. THEN the ISD and its battlegroup enters hyperspace. Still no hyperspace for the Falcon though, as critical to the story is that their hyperdrive doesn't work until they get to Bespin.

Hoth and Bespin being close-by even via sub-light = a tiny SW galaxy. Or rather, just that it's a fantasy story - as we all know. This is just one particular factor that can have a broad effect on the scale of the story's setting.
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