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Originally Posted by Darth333
Three words: Best game ever.
At least it ranks among them so far, IMHO. I'd take too long to list what's good with the game, and everyone have mentioned the bullet points already, so I'll mention my minor (probably unfounded) complaints instead:

You almost need an anatomy degree to create a character appearance that looks the way you want it (rather than some freak of nature). After fiddling with the sliders for an hour I had to settle for "good enough" to get the game going.

Slow level advancement. I've played for about 12 hours so far and I'm still level 1, and only about 1/6 towards a levelup.

Hard to find something decent to wear. Maybe I'm spoiled by all the clothing/armor mods for Morrowind, but nothing I've found so far would exactly win any fashion awards. Pretty ugly and useless clothing and armor is all that seems to be available.

I disagree with it being labeled "Assault" to attack an NPC who has you locked inside a small room to which they have the key, has expressed their intent to kill you and drawn their weapon, but haven't managed to land a blow on you yet since you managed to turn invisible before they got close enough. This penalizes use of stealth as a tactical advantage in a way I strongly dislike.

Other than that, I love the game so far.

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