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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
Slow level advancement. I've played for about 12 hours so far and I'm still level 1, and only about 1/6 towards a levelup.
That's weird. Didn't took me long. Are you practising your major skills? You'll gain one level per 10 major skills you level up.

Hard to find something decent to wear. Maybe I'm spoiled by all the clothing/armor mods for Morrowind, but nothing I've found so far would exactly win any fashion awards. Pretty ugly and useless clothing and armor is all that seems to be available.
You'll get some nice equipment once you level up. The loot and the creatures you encounter follow your level.

This penalizes use of stealth as a tactical advantage in a way I strongly dislike.
I agree. There is one point in the main quest that is almost impossible to complete past level 9 if you play a stealthy character. The ennemies are just too strong. I had to lower the difficulty setting to survive. The thieves guild and the Dark Brotherhood quests however, are made specifically for stealthy characters.

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