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The Baddest Baddie!!! (spoilers)

All bad grammar aside, what type of SW villain out of these three do
you think is the most evil, the most corrupt, the greatest danger?
What type of villain would you like to lead the True Sith, e.g.?

The Warlord--Like Darth Malak and Darth Maul, this malevolent
marauder prefers fighting to deceit and subtle persuasion. Assaulting
the galaxy with almost unstoppable military might, the Warlord seeks
to conquer it through overwhelming force. That, after all, is power.

The Subtle Betrayer--Like Darth Sidious/Senator Palpatine
and Darth Traya, the Subtle Betrayer realizes that much more
can be gained through almost-unnoticed manipulation. Anakin
Skywalker never saw the Dark Side creeping in when he killed
Count Dooku at Palpatine's command. Neither did the Exile
realize Traya sought to destroy the Force until the very end.

The False Jedi--Rarely seen, but embodied in Master Atris.
Refusing to believe that s/he has actually turned to the Dark Side,
the False Jedi uses self-righteous judgments and punishments to
enforce his or her will. Might even go to the extreme of creating
a process to destroy the impure galaxy, thus to re-create it again
along more "goodly" lines. All is black and white to the False Jedi,
even though it is said that "only the Sith think in absolutes."

So, who do you think is the "baddest baddie" of them all?
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