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Originally Posted by ScorLibran
Sure, they may have gotten it partly working, but it wasn't portrayed that way in either the book or the movie. So really anything's didn't work, then it DID work, then it didn't work again just as they reached Bespin.
It's a possibility. Not a confirmed possibility, but to me it sounds like the most believable and viable explaination. They would have to go to Bespin in either case, wether they got the drives working or not, in order to get help stabilizing the drives so they operated reliably.
Originally Posted by ScorLibran
Or perhaps the speed of light in the Star Wars universe is considerably faster than in ours? The equivalent of 100 light years in the Milky Way can be traveled in maybe a week under ion thrust in the SW galaxy?
Well, no ship in Star Wars (to my knowledge) can go as fast as the light in real space, appearantly as I understand it because it's based on our notion you can't go faster than light. What they do is having special drives called Hyper Drives on board which flings the ships into a parallell dimension called Hyperspace. In hyperspace there are no speed limits, only the hyperdrives' efficiency to fling the ship into hyperspace (this last bit is my explaination as it must be the drives' fault that jumps arn't instant, if there is no speed limit in Hyperspace itself).
Originally Posted by ScorLibran
Not based on any real-life images we've got of galaxies to date. Having worked in observatories and planetariums for 10 years, distant galaxies appear even smaller than a galaxy in the foreground. As portrayed at the end of Ep. V, the galaxy shown resided in a larger galaxy - hence the scientific oddity.
I was just throwing out ideas.
The galaxy we see could be another galaxy very close by, that's another explanation. That again would be the best explaination as according to Star Wars source materials, it is impossible (or atleast thought to be impossible even at that time and age) to travel thru Hyperspace outside the galaxy due to some kind of barrier.
Then again, I don't know if it's ever stated how far out from the galaxy this barrier reaches, so who knows.

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