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I believe the number of people that fall under the "specialized" category of Jedi Knight players, so to speak, those interested in putting the time into this project are few.

Trail's Guide is an excellent site yes however far outdated. My site covers nearly everything in terms of what Trail's Guide provided/currently provides, with the exception of little. Over at in some instances we have linked to or in some cases copied information from and provided credit in regards to Trail's Guide.

I have attempted to contact (Scott? I believe his name is) in regards to reproducing his content with no success, his email address is no longer functional and remains someone who has not made himself available to contact.

I really don't think anyone would be willing to spend the time creating a clone of Trail's Guide, so to speak, with updated data, because no one is around to do so, no one has enough time, or no one cares very much, or simply because is the pwnage and already covers most of that.

Now because Trail's Guide was created as a resource for a smaller category of information, for lack of a better way to put it, Trail's Guide accomplished the creation of an excellent site that specializes simply in the category of guides and soforth, and with my site I am covering a far larger range of Jedi Knight topics, therefore our small little group of people(me and someone else) working on the site are unable to accomplish the level of detail Trail's Guide reached. For this reason, a site specializing in what Trail's Guide specialized in might make sense...

Oh well, just my thoughts there. Of course I'm biased cuz I love my site, but we really have nearly everything your talking about here already set up over there, and while I might feel differently if this was an effort by multiple individuals, the fact that even you would be unable to contribute to such a project makes it clear to me that it would simply be a waste of time...

I understand what your trying to accomplish though, and I respect that.

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