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Originally Posted by Darth333
That's weird. Didn't took me long. Are you practising your major skills? You'll gain one level per 10 major skills you level up.
Yes, though I picked mostly Magic related skills as major (plus Blade) since I'm playing as a Breton Sorceress, and those seem to go up pretty slow. At least while in the city, not much fighting and spellcasting there. At least not that I've run into yet.

So I had to go outside and make one lap on the road circling the lake the Imperial City is located in. After another 8 hours of playing, exploring all the dungeons, caves and ruins I found along the road I finally got to level 2, with a body count of around 250 or so.

20 hours to advance from level 1 to 2 has to be the slowest leveling in any RPG I've experienced so far.

By the way, what does the "Tower Stone" do? It asked something about stars and destiny but was kind of daedric/evil-looking so I didn't dare to activate it with a level 1 character.

Originally Posted by Darth333
You'll get some nice equipment once you level up. The loot and the creatures you encounter follow your level.
I finally managed to loot some clothing that looks somewhat decent, though it makes the character look more like someone from the 21th century Earth than a sorceress in a fantasy setting

I suppose I'll have to put armor wearing on hold until I go up a few levels and gain access to better loot then. Leather armor seems to be the only thing available thus far, and while it offers almost no protection it makes you about as sneaky and stealthy as a rampaging bull in a china shop. Even with a Chameleon spell to help out everyone seems to notice me if I'm wearing leather armor while trying to be unseen.

Originally Posted by Darth333
I agree. There is one point in the main quest that is almost impossible to complete past level 9 if you play a stealthy character. The ennemies are just too strong. I had to lower the difficulty setting to survive. The thieves guild and the Dark Brotherhood quests however, are made specifically for stealthy characters.
Seems like my good-natured Sorceress will have to accept being a serial-assaulter then. Sneak-attacking and Invisibility is too much fun to avoid doing. Unless there is some kind of console command to allow you to correct that mistake and fix the stats screen entry?

If the Thieves Guild are somewhat benevolent like they were in Morrowind maybe they are worth checking out. Where can their quests be found? I haven't managed to find any guild halls/bases in the Imperial City yet.

As for the Dark Brotherhood, since they tried to kill me troughout Morrowind and Tribunal and seems to be an all-around evil organization I'm not too keen on doing anything with them except put them out of their misery.

Originally Posted by Darth333
I tend to use 1st person inside buildings for exploration and 3rd when running in the wildderness or riding a horse as it gives a broader view angle.
I haven't had the opportunity to try using a horse yet, but what's the point of horses when they seem to have a very efficient rapid transit system in Cyrodiil (clicking the icons on the world map to warp there immediately)?

Is it like in Morrowind where they use some peculiar way of calculating passing time in "rapid" transit, where you could generally crawl to your destination and arrive earlier than if you'd used Stilt Striders or boats?

Originally Posted by Aash Li
So whats the interface like? The things that turned me off morrow wind was that I couldnt figure out the interface - as in there wasnt any... and the character creation was REALLY long... ok, so I kinda liked that. It seemed to be in first person, either that or I couldnt figure out how to get out of it...
It's bigger than the one in Morrowind, and, at least as far as I've been able to figure out, a bit clumsier. There's a lot of clicking to switch spells, inventory items and check the map(s) since they are all displayed in the same window. (Unlike in morrowind where you could access them all simultaneously by right-clicking.)

Character creation takes a long time and almost requires an anatomy degree (or a lot of patience for trial&error), but I suppose it'll be a lot more fun to tinker with on a replay when you aren't so curious about the rest of the game that you just want to get it over with without looking like a freak. There are like 10 screens with sliders that affects the shape and dimensions of your face.

My only real complaint about it is that the face on the character generation screen doesn't have the same facial expression as your character has in-game, so my character turned out a lot more aggressive looking in-game than I intended.

As in Morrowind the game has both first person and third person mode. Though for some unexplainable reason they saw fit to remove the crosshair in third person mode, so it's almost impossible to do any fighting (or theft-aware looting) in Third person (which happens to be the one I used exclusively in Morrowind). But I guess I'll get uses to toggling back and forth between 1st/3rd person view eventually.


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