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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
Yes, though I picked mostly Magic related skills as major (plus Blade) since I'm playing as a Breton Sorceress, and those seem to go up pretty slow.
If your walking around a city you can cast the spells you have that won't harm anyone, that way they will eventually increase. Taking all magic was never easy in morrowing either, since the Skills only increase in level as you use them its really a better Idea to only take a few magic skill as majors, or if you do want to take all magic then also take one easy to level skill like athletics, acrobatic's, sneak, light armor, alchemy.

For my first char I took:
1)Blade -Strength
2)Marksman -Agility
3)BLOCK -Endurance
4)Light Armor -Speed
5)Restoration -Willpower
6)Alchemy -Intelligence
7)Alteration -Willpower

Block and Blade has been the most difficult to level for me since I will use my bow first and only switch to my blade when I can't run backwards fast enough from a charging monster. Alchemy is a sinch to level, just pick or buy ingredients and make as many potions as you can, don't worry to much about making negative effect potions either, those will sell for just as much. However if you take marksman you can use the negative effect potions to poison the next shot from your bow. Damage health 5 points for 15 seconds can really help to bring down a beasty fast. Skills like light armor will level only if your getting hit so if your not getting into alot of fights then it will be slow to level.

20 hours to advance from level 1 to 2 has to be the slowest leveling in any RPG I've experienced so far.
I have about the same amount of time in the game and I'm up to level 8 now, I hate to say this but if I were you I would start over and take a couple easyer to level skills instead of mostly magic.

If the Thieves Guild are somewhat benevolent like they were in Morrowind maybe they are worth checking out. Where can their quests be found? I haven't managed to find any guild halls/bases in the Imperial City yet.
They only approach you if your a known thief.
You have to be a bad thief, steal something and go to jail you don't even need to steal anything to get caught for stealing just grab something with the Z key in front of an npc and they will think your trying to steal it. After a little while that you've been out of jail an npc will approach you and give you a letter from the thiefs guild. I don't even want anything to do with the thieves guild but I had to go to jail for a quest and now that quest is always going to be in my active quests list.

I haven't had the opportunity to try using a horse yet, but what's the point of horses when they seem to have a very efficient rapid transit system in Cyrodiil (clicking the icons on the world map to warp there immediately)?

Is it like in Morrowind where they use some peculiar way of calculating passing time in "rapid" transit, where you could generally crawl to your destination and arrive earlier than if you'd used Stilt Striders or boats?
Horses are fun, but its annoying that you have to dismount to fight, if something is already attacking you while your riding you will take some damage as you dismount or your horse will.

The fast travel system will calculate how much time it takes to travel to a location and yes it would probably take less time for you char if they crawled there, but the fast travel will only allow you to travel to places that you know about, aside from the large cities you will need to visit a place before you can fast travel to it. If you rely soly on fast travel you will end up missing alot of stuff.

There's a lot of clicking to switch spells, inventory items and check the map(s) since they are all displayed in the same window.
You can set up to 8 items in your quick select dohicky. When your in your spells or inventory screen hold down a number from 1-8 then left click on the spell or item you want to bind that number to. 8 doesn't sound like alot, but I find its enough to have my sword and bow bound to 1 & 2 and 3-8 be reserved for spells.

As in Morrowind the game has both first person and third person mode. Though for some unexplainable reason they saw fit to remove the crosshair in third person mode
Morrowind didn't have a crosshair for 3rd person either. It would have been a nice option though as its impossible to use a bow effectively in 3rd person. But I find combat is much easyer in first so i will only go into vanity mode when I'm not fighting or about to.
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