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what u have to do is pick targets for each of ur untis, send bombers to attack the capital ships and send a frigate or other to attack there tartans or corrileans, then just eat them away with that, what i tend to do is send waves out, when the first wave is destroyed, then i send out the second wave. and what i do on mp is to buy a couple of mon cals etc then when the enemy is attacking my station, i will place them behind their most precious ship and blow it 2 bits, or if i have run out of money, i will attack their station with everything ive got. these tactics work 90% of the time, so i wouldnt say the game is random online, just remember to purchase lots of units early on, and try not to upgrade your spacestation too much, this wastes money and time, unless u r playing with more than 2 people

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