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Originally Posted by T7nowhere
If your walking around a city you can cast the spells you have that won't harm anyone, that way they will eventually increase. Taking all magic was never easy in Morrowind either, since the Skills only increase in level as you use them its really a better
It's easier to "cheat the system" in Morrowind though since your magic skills there go up just by casting the spells, you don't really have to use them on a valid target or in a dangerous situation. In Oblivion it seems your spells must actually take effect for the skill to increase. Merely casting "Flare" over and over without a living target doesn't seem to increase the Destruction skill. (Which is probably a good thing in the end )

I've used some lock opening, chameleon and charm spells in the city so far, but those occasions result in so relatively few castings that it takes quite a while to accumulate skillpoints in those skills.

I think part of my problem with leveling up is due to being a Breton and having the magic skills as Major. Thus the Magic skills starts out fairly high, and requires more skillpoints to advance than they would if they were low. (It takes more work to increase a skill the higher it is, correct?) I'm also mixing spellcasting with sword swinging, which might slow things down further since it means not just one skill is seeing all the use in fights.

If I remember correctly my character has these as major skills: Destruction, Mysticism, Alteration, Restoration, Conjuration, Blade, Light Armor (useless so far).

Originally Posted by T7nowhere
I have about the same amount of time in the game and I'm up to level 8 now, I hate to say this but if I were you I would start over and take a couple easyer to level skills instead of mostly magic.
Too much work to start over now, but I'll keep it in mind for my next playthrough, since it doesn't seem to have any real negative effects to be low level so far. The enemies seem to be scaling after your level since I haven't really run into anything I couldn't handle yet during my dungeon/ruin/cave tour around the city lake. (Though I didn't pick a fight with "Umbra" who I ran into in one of the elven ruins, and she didn't seem interested in starting a fight either.) My minor skills (particularily Athletics, Acrobatics and Sneak) are increasing at a rapid rate as well and have caught up with my major skills (35-40) by now.

The lack of any decent loot seems to be the only drawback so far, but that means the enemies don't have much dangerous items to use against me either. It's probably the most skilled level 1 character I've played as in an RPG by now.

Originally Posted by T7nowhere
They only approach you if your a known thief.
I guess that rules out those quests then, since I prefer to play "good" character (hence my annoyance at my steadily growing Assault record). My sorceress has already been in prison once (at the start of the game) and has no plans for a return visit.

Originally Posted by T7nowhere
Horses are fun, but its annoying that you have to dismount to fight, if something is already attacking you while your riding you will take some damage as you dismount or your horse will.
Is riding a horse noticably faster than running? I assume your Athletics skill doesn't increase while riding? If it doesn't, wouldn't it actually penalize your character development to ride rather than run?

I'll probably try it out for myself soon, all the loot I've gathered should probably give enough gold to buy a horse once I drag it back to the city and sell it.

Originally Posted by T7nowhere
You can set up to 8 items in your quick select dohicky. When your in your spells or inventory screen hold down a number from 1-8 then left click on the spell or item you want to bind that number to. 8 doesn't sound like alot, but I find its enough to have my sword and bow bound to 1 & 2 and 3-8 be reserved for spells.
I try to use those. While probably sufficient for a warrior type character, unfortunately those 8 quickslots are awefully inadequate if you play primarily as a spellcaster. At least if you try to vary your spell usage a bit like I do. (And I thought the 24 quickslots in NWN were too few for my Sorceress there. ) So, unfortunately there is a lot of interface juggling to flip spells, check where you are on the map and equip/unequip weapons. :/

Originally Posted by T7nowhere
Morrowind didn't have a crosshair for 3rd person either. It would have been a nice option though as its impossible to use a bow effectively in 3rd person. But I find combat is much easyer in first so i will only go into vanity mode when I'm not fighting or about to.
Hmm, maybe I'm mixing it up with VtM:Bloodlines which had a crosshair in 3rd person mode. At any rate it seems a lot harder to target spells and connect swings in Oblivion's 3rd person mode than the one in Morrowind. In Morrowind I only had to switch to 1st person mode when shooting a bow.) It's happened more than once that I have missed with spells against enemies who are at pointblank range while in 3rd person mode in Oblivion.

By the way, is it possible to re-bind the "Cast" button to the right mouse button? I don't use a shield so using it as a block button feels kind of wasted, while I cast spells all the time and have to use the keyboard for that.

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