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I made a more combat oriented character and after 20 hours I was at level 9. It seems that some skills level up faster than others.
You can change your stats with the command showracemenu but your minor skills will be reset. You could always try this mod:

I use the fast travel system only when I am too lazy. I like to travel by foot or by horse and discover new spots and killing those highwaymen and selling their glass armors pays a lot of $$$. Plus I am a horse person and I just love travelling by horse. Apart the jump landing which is a bit rough, riding feels realistic. The horse movements are well done . Horses have different stats and speeds. The best one is the black horse...well there's a better one but it's part of a quest
you get it if you join the DarkBrotherhood and reach the level of silencer. It's a pretty fast black horse with red eyes. It's fun to escape a city riding this horse with all the guards pursuing you. It's also fast enough to let you avoid all the beasts if you want.

Even if you gain infamy when doing their quests, I don't consider the thieves a truly evil faction like the dark brotherhood. Killing is badly seen. They rob from the rich to give to the poor and they protect the beggars.

To add to what t7 said, you can also join the thieves guild the nice way:
Just give the beggars a coin and raise their disposition over 70 and ask them for the gray fox.

Edit: I believe you should be able to bind the cast button to the rmb through to the options menu>controls.

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