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Originally Posted by Tysyacha
The Warlord--Like Darth Malak and Darth Maul, this malevolent
marauder prefers fighting to deceit and subtle persuasion. Assaulting
the galaxy with almost unstoppable military might, the Warlord seeks
to conquer it through overwhelming force. That, after all, is power.
IMO Malak, Maul and Vader are pretty different types. Maul is just a pawn and that's pretty much all that can be said about him. Malak is just a stupid thug who - by accident - got his finger on the big red button. Vader is a very different story - in my eyes he's *the* dark jedi archetype. Of course he's not the betrayer type but he's not without subtlety - remember the plan to capture Luke on Bespin? If his brainless apprentice would force push someone into a commando console causing it to explode, he wouldn't hesitate a second to rip the idiots spine out...
But - and that's where Vader and Malak are comparable again - Vader doesn't really fit as a leader of a dark empire.

Originally Posted by Tysyacha
Skywalker never saw the Dark Side creeping in when he killed
Count Dooku at Palpatine's command.
"I shouldn't have done that. It's not the Jedi way."
He was well aware but he didn't want to realize it. I believe nobody can be actually trapped into the dark side. The door can be opened but everybody has to walk in on his own. BTW: The real life is full of such decisions.

Originally Posted by Tysyacha
So, who do you think is the "baddest baddie" of them all?
No single "baddie" has everything it takes to claim the title of "baddest" but Sidious and Vader build up a team that remains unmatched...
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