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*Cracks knuckles*

1: Guess what Disturbed? It turned out that, surprise, my observable data turned out to be COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY GENERALIZABLE TO THE ENTIRE BASE GAME BY ALL STANDARDS. That's beacuse almost all that I said was true, regardless of delivery. And honestly, I never said they were in table format, only that it was observational data, i.e., just plain observations. There's a difference between data and creating a visualization to better express that data. You store memories and data in your head, so yes, the observational data was in my head. You get no points.

2: I already stated that I made a mistake and was referring to sideflip as backflip for awhile. I also mentioned that both are ludicrously powerful defenses regardless. Spun sideflip is just ludicrously powerful offensively on top of defense, even on the supposed end-lag.

3:The problem is that your 'views' are irrelevant in the face of my excellently articulated observations and the facts that later accompanied them, proving the reality behind the assertions coupled with said observations.

4: Yes, I would presume that is in ForceMod III. Which is effectively irrelevant to the debate at large.

5: it has been demonstrated repeatedly that I have great technical skill, as demonstrated by my painstakingly clear notes on various saber attacks. Furthermore, it has already been proven that staff and dual have a hardcoded advantage. Meaning that my 'opinions' on duall/staff superiority were, surprise, actually facts. Which completely destroys your point here and in your post in general.

I pray you are done humiliating yourself.

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