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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
I just want some Bad Boy to go squash. I don't need subtlety in a PC game.
Yeah. KotOR II was so subtle that some of it looses all meaning. Hehehe...

I thought that Nhilious was going to be a very dark character, but he turned out to have almost no character build up.

We need a character that borderlines on sadistic. Someone that is out to wreak so much havoc for his agenda, and goes to but does not cross the breaking point.

Kriea, Atris, Sion, and Nhillis were very weak in being bad henchmen. We need someone that is continuously doing evil. Malak was a evil dude. He tortured Basatila and blew the hell out of a planet. If Nhillus was shown blowing up a few planet, or if he was shown absorbing the force, that would be a cool attempt at creating him into a successful badman. They could have shown him turtoring a few Jedi or Force Sensitives.

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