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Originally Posted by Daniel333
l don't think there hating GL is just there probly saying that he stop taking drugs but sure that what he was smoking on wasn't sigerates becuase if they were they effect well if he still does smoke l want him to stop because l don't want george lucas dying becuase he said he just might make episode seven well its like he already has because of ST:jedi acdemy anyway lets jump back to the subject about the battles.
Yeah. If he is smoking something, I think its a little too late. JarJar Bink was way out there... I mean you have to be seeing purple elephants to create that character.

How about the time he was going to include Insinc into Episode II. Hehehe... A mess of Star Wars fans wrote to him, and threatened not to see the movie.

I smell a 'New Kids on The Block Reunion' in the next version of The Return of the Jedi...


I am not making fun of George... I like the George. Without George, I would have nothing to look forward to. There wouldn't be 'Spaceballs'.

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