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1: Guess what Disturbed? It turned out that, surprise, my observable data turned out to be COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY GENERALIZABLE TO THE ENTIRE BASE GAME BY ALL STANDARDS.
OK, no offense, but that's heresy unless you can provide a source of some kind. I know what your personal experience is, but claiming your arguments are accurate by your testimony alone won't stand up in court. It doesn't hold water.

2: I already stated that I made a mistake and was referring to sideflip as backflip for awhile. I also mentioned that both are ludicrously powerful defenses regardless. Spun sideflip is just ludicrously powerful offensively on top of defense, even on the supposed end-lag.
It would take a complete moron who'd run right into the line of movement to get whacked with that. I can't even hit SP AI that well with that move because they just jump. If only MP gamers were that smart... it seems more useful for escape than anything.

it has been demonstrated repeatedly that I have great technical skill, as demonstrated by my painstakingly clear notes on various saber attacks.
Again, though, you have no way to back it up. Mostly what you've cited so far is the standard measured attack of most single-saberists versus the n00b tactics practiced by far too many stavers to count. If a staver fought as well-cadenced as the single-blade (and it is possible) then the game would be much more even. Not to mention the fact that it's been brought up time and again that while the staff has excellent defense capability (even the concept provides defense bonuses) it is rather poor on the attack, having little range. The staff is more than a little clumsy, which might shed light on how you can so easily defeat them.

and the facts that later accompanied them, proving the reality behind the assertions coupled with said observations.
I looked through the *entire* thread again, and the only link you've posted is at the beginning - a self-serving portrait of what happens to people who don't know how to properly argue. But without any way of backing it up, your entire argument from your first post is inadmissable heresy.

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