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Jana's ears caught the sounds of a swoop bike nearby and she rushed forward, hoping to ask the rider about Beryl. She stopped abruptly when she realized the rider was a Stormtrooper... and that a mother Tusk Cat and her children were staring hungrily at Jana.

"Sorry, babes," she murmured, wasting no time and shooting the mother. Crying, the kittens crawled around their dead mother, trying to understand what just happened as Jana hurried past. As she did so, one of the kittens got over its confusion enough to latch on to her leg. With a cry of pain, she stumbled and fell. The kitten gave a little yelp as she fell on it, but quickly righted itself and pounced.

"I don't think so, little cat," Jana growled, bashing her blaster against its head. It yelped and leapt back, giving Jana the time she needed to scramble to her feet. Her left hand gripped at something and it came away from the ground with her, but she didn't pay much attention to it. Eyeing the kittens incredulously, she fired a few shots around the area, sending them crying back into their cave. Then, she limped away as quickly as she could.

Only then did she realize she was holding a shredded boot... one that belonged to Beryl Quitaan.

((Perfect place for Nic and Ryshana to run into her, eh? Bite marks on her leg, torn shirt, hair all over, and almost more importantly, holding Beryl's shredded boot. ))

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