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Originally Posted by Palpatine_dc
#1. I took the hardware survey of Steam network and in it's results it said that of around 2 000 000 people questioned 90% has a DVD rom
Except that a survey on the Steam network isn't reliable in this discussion. One only has to take into consideration who uses the network.

I voted DVD only. It's 2006 now. KotOR 3 will probably not come out until 2007. If you can't fork out $30 for a DVD drive, don't expect to play the game. You won't even have the necessary requirements.

Movies don't come out on VHS anymore (or very rarely). The transition was done. Now, let the transition from CD to DVD happen. It won't hurt that much

From what I can understand, certain regions in the world get their games only on DVD. The case of E@W for example. It was released only on DVD in the UK (that's what I heard), but both versions (CD & DVD) came out in the US. It could be that they choose their format by region. If one region has a higher percentage of DVD users, they'll release it on DVD only. If it's the opposite, they'll release on both, hoping to offset the higher cost of releasing on two formats by hitting a wider market. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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