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>>Covert Operation - Kril'Dor {t2_wedge} [2 Secrets]
//Force powers, Light: HEAL 2, MIND TRICK 1, PROTECT 2, ABSORB 1
//Force powers, Core: JUMP 2, PULL 2, PUSH 2, SENSE 2, SPEED 2, Lightsaber Defense 2,
Lightsaber Offense 2, Lightsaber Throw 2
//Force powers, Dark: LIGHTNING 1
//Objectives: Place a targeting beacon on the roof of the Shield
Generator building.
//Enemies: Stormtroopers, Imperials, Mercs, Saboteurs, Jetpack Troopers, Saber Cultist

\\Light Force choices: n/a
\\Dark Force choices: Lightning 2
\\Weapons choices: Blaster Rifle, Bowcaster, Thermal Dets

He's says it's easy, and you know what that means...

In the door and kill, and get the Tripmines on the crates next to the lift at the far
end. There are two doors - both locked - and a lift... obviously take the lift; watch out for
the Gun Turret at the top above the lift (you'll also find Rocket Ammo in the rack). Kill, and
head for the lift at the other end of the room, and out the next door... out here you'll be
greeted by a Jetpack Trooper, an armored Stormtrooper that flies around with a Jetpack. If you
go out the other door up here instead of up the lift, you'll end up on a gun platform with the
Jetpack Trooper... but you'll be out here shortly anyway, so head up the lift.
One way I've found to deal with the Jetpack Trooper, if you'd rather use a Lightsaber
and not any other weapon... as soon as you spot them, hit SPEED, then either run at them and
slash, or use PULL to get them in close and slash - it usually won't take more than one or two
hits on the lower levels.
The obvious way to go is left across that bridge, so go that way... when you get to
that roof, hit 'use' to place the targeting beacon (you'll see where to put it). As soon as you
use it, you'll get a cutscene of Wedge zooming in to drop torpedoes (?) on the beacon - don't
worry, as the same cutscene will show Jaden getting out of the way in a hurry. Next, get back
to the hanger roof and place one there. After that - you'll end up on that gun platform where
you killed the Jetpack Trooper - you need to place one on top of the Barracks (jump up on top
of the door arch, then up on the roof).
Next stop, the Communications Array... get back into the hanger, down your new ladder,
and out the small door at the narrow end of the hanger (opposite from where you entered this
level). Straight ahead is a building with several doors (blue stripe on the bottom)... kill
everyone outside (there's no one inside on the lower difficulty levels), and circle around the
building to the right. You should see a building with a big dish antenna on it's roof - that's
the Communications Array. You can't get up to the roof from inside the building, however, so
head for the big building in the center of the area that has all those orange-striped ledges
on it (it has a multicolor pipe going to it from the Comm Array and from this little building
you're at). Kill everyone around the Comm Array building before heading for the ledge building,
of course.
At the end of the bridge from Comm Array to the ledge building is a lift shaft that's
open to the air at the bottom, and has a sparking pedestal here - it can't be run from down
here, just from the top. While you're at this pedestal, look up... that metallic protrusion
next to the lift rail is one of the Secret Areas, but you'll get to it later. Circle this
building and kill everyone, then return to this lift shaft.
On your way around the building, you should have noticed a door... it's to the right of
the lift shaft (as you face the shaft and the building) - go in that and do your killing bit.
In here there are two lifts, one up and one down (appropriately marked)... take the one up, do
your killing, take the next lift up, do your killing... facing out into the room from the lift,
there might be an Ammo Regenerator around to your left, but there is definitely a green switch
on the wall past that. Hit that switch to open the blast shields on the window, smash out the
remnants of the glass, and climb out on the ledge. From here you can see the roof of the Comm
Array, and the red spot where the targeting beacon needs to go.
Work your way around the ledges until you're above the walkway leading to the Comm
Array roof... if you're good, you might be able to drop from ledge to ledge until you're on
that walkway, otherwise you're just going to have to drop the entire distance (about 40 health
points). The easiest way to stand on the 'side' ledge (not facing the length of the walkway)
and just move forwards... you should land on the next ledge down. Repeat the process until
you're on the walkway. Note the lift here - that's the one with the busted pedestal below.
Cross the walkway and place your beacon, but watch out for another of those Jetpack
Troopers. Your next target is the Power Generator, but before you do that, get the first Secret
[Secret 1] from where you are at the lift, jump up on that first ledge, and follow it
around until you're above a multicolored pipe crossing between buildings. Drop on to that and
cross to the other roof, where you'll find Tripmines, a Medpack, and Thermal Dets. Get back to
that walkway and the lift.
Take the lift down, and grab the next secret Area.
[Secret 2] while going down the lift, face the building and jump off to the little
ledge on the left when it appears... Medpack and Thermal Dets.
Head back inside the ledged building, but this time take the lift down... there's a
Saber Cultist waiting down here for you, but he shouldn't be much of a problem. Out the only
door - there's a pair of Stormtroopers just outside - and across the bridge to the next
building; take that lift down. Place your targeting beacon... once that cutscene is over (don't
fall off the ledge that Wedge just blew up) head back up the lift to be greeted by a pair of
Jetpack Troopers.
Across the bridge, in and up the lift, and head back to the central building with the
blue-striped doors... go inside and take the lift up. Kill everyone - including a Saber Cultist
- and place your beacon where indicated. Of course, if you don't feel like fighting (there's a
Ceiling Turret or two up here as well), you can just SPEED to the beacon and activate it.
Head for the storage tanks... get to them by going between the red tanks; two storage
tanks per red tank platform. Get right up next to the yellow explosives - you saw the same
things on Corellia and Bakura - and hit 'use' to deactivate them.
Watch out for the Saber Cultist and Stormtroopers in the hanger as you head back to
your ship. Of course, if you feel like just a little more killing, after you've wiped out
everyone in the hanger head out the side door you haven't used yet... kill everyone around that
octagonal building (the Shield Generator building) and the gun emplacement beyond it.
Head back to your ship to end the level.

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