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Umm how bout jsu throw him into a room with Barney?

I really hope someone fixes this soon. That little pic he put there scared the willies out of me.
Ickle wickle barney fan is scary waried! Miky Cicly is a wickee ickee barney babey!

Ok,that last sentence was SCARY...and so was the pic!

Now for treatment,

Wip him,stab him,kick him,scream your hate in his face,throw him in a pit with darth maul,feed him to the space monster in the big asteroid,remove him surgecly,feed him to the sarlaac,remove him surgecly in 999 years,make him live with barney for a day,have the rancor rip him in half,then use stitches to fix him up,then put him in a targetting range,and tell emperor palpatine that he insulted his mother,then have palpatine zap him with force lightning,then the anakin treatment,then give him as a present to god,then make jabba lick him,then put some bacta,put electricity through it and while he heals he suffers! Then rinse,and repeat!!!

As posted on the PFF Forums by me!

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