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The kaadu was swift, for Cloud arrived at Theed in almost no time at all. "Tank yu." Cloud said. "Yousa welcome." replied the Gungan before disappearing into the forest. When Cloud turned around, he did not like what he saw. Imperial banners hanging around on poles, Imperial stormtroopers patroling around the area, and other things. Cloud had thought they could never do it. But they did. The Empire had taken Theed. Cloud looked around. He seenImperial recuiting posters. He had also seen a Rebel Alliance poster being torn down by Imperials. He also seen some space pirates discussing their 'catch'. "This place has gone to ruins." thought Cloud. Cloud decided to go to the Palace. He was expecting to see Queen Apailana to see if he could find his father, Finnias Strife. When he was able to see the Queen, he didn't see Apailana. He seen Kylantha, her sucessor. "Let's see. Finnias Strife." she started. "Oh yes. He is MIA(missing in action)." "You mean..." started Cloud. "He may be dead or alive?"

Freakin' sweet!
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