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1: *Cough* Did you not see what Razorace posted? Staff and dual have a direct advantage in code. It is unquestionable. We had lengthy discussions about this.

2: You don't get it. It can be chained out of almost ANYTHING. While it more often misses than not, in the event it DOES hit you can have tons of HP erased... and due to its ability to be chained out of almost anything staff has and its ability to be spun for greater power and defense, you can screw over a person trying to counter almost any mistake you make, and since they're countering, they risk getting decked in the teeth.

So what do we have here... An anti-counter ON TOP of all of the bonuses staff already has, namely the inherent defense and offense bonuses? Yeah. I don't think I need to say anything else. All this, and almost no end-lag that can't be protected by a spin (and is reasonably jumped out of anyway)! No other style has anything this blatantly broken with or without cheating.

3: What did Razor say? That's right... STAFF GETS AN INHERENT BONUS TO OFFENSIVE POWER. Not arguable.

Let's also dissect the range issue... By mentioning the fact that its strikes have almost no lagtime. Now, presume for a moment we have single... What then does range matter? Yellow and blue get swatted away by defense more often than not. And what's this? Red, with the greatest range of all, can get staff-countered thanks to two things: Attack lag, and overall bad speed in general. Which defeats any advantage it has unless you yawcheat.

We've had this argument before. It doesn't work when attempting to attack with red slows you down enough for a staff user out of range to get an almost free counter attempt with no lag and almost no windup (forward diagonals).

4: Psst. Razorace. What he says is a fact. Which happen to concur with basically everything I've ever said with staff and dual.

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