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Originally Posted by conmanguyler
are you kiddin me!, CS rules, it doesnt have a bad reputation, 10's of 000's ofpeople play it, u think if it had a bad reputation, then no 1 would play it

CS does have an awful reputation. People still play it, but people still play on Gamespy, on and on other similar services. They all have their legions of idiots and denying their existence won't change anything.

CS has a bad reputation, but bad reputation doesn't stop it from being popular. The two are seperate things.

Originally Posted by Samnmax221
Considering Gamespy is a private enterprise they have to right to allow or deny usage to anyone
It could be argued. Since you paid for the game you're about to play on Gamespy with, you should have full access to it and do everything you want. On the other end, it is a relatively public program so denying usage would be acceptable.
Either way, Gamespy have to ask themselves:"Is it beneficial for me to do that?"
My answer is no. It is no different then every other existing service, why should they do the effort to do it well? As long as people will be forced to use it and that no very popular alternative is available, there is no reason for them to do anything. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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