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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
It is less expensive to do 1 DVD. However, if only half the people have a DVD drive and the game is only done on DVD, you lose sales for those who only have a CD drive.
Of course. But all data that I have seen on DVD penetration indicates that those with systems capable of playing such a game but without a DVD drive are by far the minority.

Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
Until they can be sure that most of the people who wanna buy KOTOR 3 have DVD players then its safer for all concerned if they make it on both mediums.
But Lucasarts, or any development company, will have a very clear pictures of what the DVD penetration is. They will then base their decision on those numbers, and not a wild guess. And it is in their best interest to release it on one medium if they can.

Originally Posted by JediMaster12
I would think that LA would want to keep their sales up. The goal of a corporation is to increase their profits. Basic economics folks. I don't think they would opt for an exclusive audience only because they would end up losing potential profits and that's like a no no in economics.
But you forgot the other part of basic economics. Cost. Profit is total money in minus total money out. Putting something on CD as well as DVD costs money. There has to be enough demand for the CD version for them to justify the cost. If the DVD penetration is high (and most data says that it is), then it isn't cost effective to release it on CD.

We are already seeing this. Many games are now DVD only. When you say exclusive audience, that audience may be the vast majority of consumers, and it is actually the CD only crowd that is exclusive.

Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
They need to make more games available on the PC too, even if they only sell them in limited numbers
This shows my point above. If what JediMaster12 was saying was true, then just about all console, at least XBox, games would also be released for the PC. But they aren't. That is because the devs know they won't significantly increase sales to justify the PC development. Even something like KOTOR had 80+% of their sales on XBox. In most cases, there isn't enough demand.

Originally Posted by †Saint_Killa†
Doing both will be more costly for LA. You know greedy people.
Nothing greedy about it. It is a business model. You don't expect them to lose money on purpose do you? They have to pay their workers and shareholders like everyone else. Saying they are greedy because they want to make a profit is like saying you are greedy because you aren't willing to pay $200 for a game.

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