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Originally Posted by Darth333
Do you mean it appears as a murder in the stats sheet or do you get a bounty as well?
I don't get any bounty, but the "Murder" counter on the stat page goes up to 1, and I get a message on screen saying something like "Your murder has been witnessed by forces unknown".

I just find it very strange if there is no other way of doing this since you can't finish the Arena quest without challenging the Grand Champion, and none of the other fights have been counted as a murder to win. I've tried talking to him both before and during the match and I was never given any options to say something to him about it. It he just monologues for a bit about his unflattering ancestry and then the conversation ends.

He appears to be dead-set on not fighting as well. I tried using a Frenzy spell on him but that didn't make any difference. It seems like he isn't in combat mode since you can talk to him, and yielding doesn't work.

He just stands there begging you to kill him without making the slightest attempt at attacking or fighting back. So you have to choose between murdering him or spending the rest of eternity inside the Arena. Highly anticlimactic way to end all those fights.

EDIT: Nevermind, I managed to figure out a console command to get him to fight back, finally. A more challenging match worthy of finishing the quest and no murder this way.

If someone else strongly disagrees with that particular design decision, you can get around it by opening the Console, clicking on the Gray Prince and typing:
SetRestrained 0
SetActorValue Aggression 100
StartCombat Player

While he keeps urging you to kill him, at least he gives you a good reason to by attacking you and giving you a good fight.


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