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WOW, Very very cool! I like it

**edit** Mind if I ask you a question DT? Would you mind If I worked on some texture variants for the tunics and robes? I have some pretty neat ideas for original and customizable Jedi/Sith you can use with this pack. I'd be happy to make my own from scratch for this model. This is a great concept for customization for the JKA players! I had requested something similar to this a long time ago on the AOTCTC board but no one took it up. But now that I see this I am very pleased! Good job! Anyhow, let me know if that's cool with you- If not no problem, I can wait until it's out to skin a few variants (unless it takes as long as Hap's Anakin and Mace! heheh jk Haps)

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