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Originally Posted by MachineCult
I'm allowed an opinion....
Just asking.

Originally Posted by MachineCult
I think that the acting in the PT is good, especially in ROTS, I wish that people who don't like the PT would come up with better reasons.
Seriously, you think the older Anakin was good? I though he was wooden at best. And Portman went from bland in I to ok in II to corny at III.

Another reason I prefer IV over III is that the prequels just don't feel like Star Wars to me (though Episode I sort of does). I think all the CGI is too much; sure, some scenes and creatures had to be (battle droids and the space battles), but every single single clone trooper just had to be animated? It's not that I don't like III (it's second on my list of favorites), it's just that some flaws were too big to go unnoticed.
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