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So where should I go to read the entire story, kotorfanmedia or SuperObscura?
Originally Posted by machievelli
I have been irritated by the fact that except for Leia, I have yet to read a book where the main character is a female Jedi. I know that isn't authoritative, I have only got 10 out of 50 odd so far. Yet that would make all of the main character in the three of the games I have, Jedi outcast, Jedi Academy, and KOTOR I ALL MEN.

Having been a student of history since I could read, I have discovered that a hell of a lot of the heroes of prehistory ARE women.

For a society (The Republic) that is supposed to be based on capability and merit, doesn't that show a serious bias?

Regardless, I wish people like Spielberg and George Lucas would remember when THEY were the unknowns and give someone a real chance.
I have to agree that the SW movies tend toward men in leading roles more than women. As far as the games you refer to, IIRC only Jedi Outcast is restricted to male only. You can play as a female in the other two. An interesting trend to note how Dark Forces and DF2: JK are based on a male character but the more recently published KotOR and JA allow the player to choose the PC's gender.

I'm the type of guy that calls it like I see it although I try to do so as tactfully as I can. IMHO the problem I see with your book's publishing potential is that LucasArts Entertainment Company may very well not want to publish a story that locks Revan into a gender, male or female. I know you said Sue Rostoni told you to go ahead and send your story in but IMO it's such a cop out for her to say that because she knows of all the hoops you would have to jump thru before you can even submit your story for consideration. Yes, Spielberg and Lucas had to get their start in the business too but Lucas didn't get very enthusiastic buy-in from his movie studio for his original SW material. Even George Lucas admits that he has become the very thing that he disliked when he started in the movie business. This reminds me of a recent TV commercial I've seen a few times that goes something like:

CEO behind desk: I want to stick it to the man!
CEO's lackey: But sir, you are the man. So wouldn't you be sticking it to yourself?
CEO: {pausing before thoughtfully saying} Maybe...
Love that commercial!

You want Lucas Inc. (meaning whichever Lucas company handles book publishing) to publish your story that is largely based on a SW video game that was purposely designed to allow players to choose their character's gender and LS/DS alignment.
Lucas Inc.: "Oh so sorry! We let you play Revan as DSM but we decided that Revan is LSF for 'canon's' sake."
Or whatever combination of DSF, DSM, LSF, LSM you want.
I simply ask you to consider how much controversy SW "canon" already creates and why LEC would want to add any more fuel to the fire by publishing a book that changes a story from one with multiple potential endings to a single ending.
Think of how many KotOR fans would be upset and send hate mail to LEC that the published story didn't match the way they played the game?

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