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Question : Weapons from Super Star Destroyer Help

I wanted to find out about the weapons of this ship, I see that in the Spaceunitscapital.xml file it mentions 2 abilities :

				<Mod_Multiplier>SPEED_MULTIPLIER, 0.8f</Mod_Multiplier>
				<GUI_Activated_Ability_Name> Piet_Energy_Weapon_Attack_Ability </GUI_Activated_Ability_Name> <!-- GUI Command Bar support -->
				<SFXEvent_Target_Ability> Unit_Energy_Blast_Piett </SFXEvent_Target_Ability>
				<SFXEvent_Special_Ability_Loop> Unit_Star_Destroyer_Energy_Blast </SFXEvent_Special_Ability_Loop> 
and :

	            <Mod_Multiplier>SPEED_MULTIPLIER, 0.6f</Mod_Multiplier>
	            <GUI_Activated_Ability_Name> SD_Tractor_Beam_Attack_Ability </GUI_Activated_Ability_Name> <!-- GUI Command Bar support -->
					<SFXEvent_Special_Ability_Loop> Unit_Star_Destroyer_Tractor_Beam </SFXEvent_Special_Ability_Loop>
What I wanted to know is it possible to add multiples of these?

Also what is the general area that is needed to be editted to add more lasers to the ship?

I was messing around and did totally stuff up, as I noticed the opposition were able to shoot my ships from his base, what a mess it was.

Any help would be grateful, I am only a beginner at this, and playing around, thank you.


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