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Okay guys, i have played forsome hours, en came to a shocking conslusion.

Enemy's level with you, but it ruins the story
A little thug attacked me yesterday, and he had the full Ebon Armotr equiped. What ge wanted? 'Give me 100 gold!'

The guy had armor woth thousands of gold! Zomg!

Also, i found some serious evil bugs.
I also encountered the arena bug mentioned above, the hautend house quest in Anvil is bugged as well, and if you get exp/skill point for a quest, i won't go up any more.

I think some of them ruin gameplay experience...
You play the game to level, but it will only turn up the difficulty. One of my mate's finished Oblivion at level 3, to show it's fairly easy if you don't level.

Another point of critic:
Fighting a bear is harder then fighting a criminal, because of this 'ai'

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