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Originally Posted by Ztalker
Enemy's level with you, but it ruins the story
A little thug attacked me yesterday, and he had the full Ebon Armor equiped. What ge wanted? 'Give me 100 gold!'
Perhaps it's a good thing to level up slowly then, so you won't have to tangle with lowly street thugs dressed in armor and weapons worth a small country, or simple patrol cops that would put an elite special ops commando to shame. (Simple guard duty seems to be very prestigious work in Cyrodiil since every town guard seem to be made up entirely of hardened elite warriors.)

Leveling of opponents can be a good thing, if it's done reasonably. I.e. not every single opponent is leveled, and their equipment is based on their station and background to make it plausible. Blanket leveling of all enemies and loot just kills suspension of disbelief.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
and if you get exp/skill point for a quest, i won't go up any more.
Hmm, what do you mean by this? Is there some quest that should be avoided, that is a game stopper?

Originally Posted by Ztalker
You play the game to level, but it will only turn up the difficulty. One of my mate's finished Oblivion at level 3, to show it's fairly easy if you don't level.
Indeed. I've passed through a couple of Oblivion gates so far, and was fairly surprised that my level 3 character managed to survive without any trouble. I remember Dremora being fairly tough opponents in Morrowind, but they fell in just a couple of sword blows here.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Fighting a bear is harder then fighting a criminal
That seems pretty logical actually. Bears are hideously strong and powerful animals after all.

* * *

By the way, has the Armor system changed from Morrowind? The Armor rating numbers seem overall to be a lot lower than they were in that game, to the point where I didn't think it was worthwhile for my Sorceress to wear any armor at all. (But if the scale or use of the Armor rating has changed perhaps I should re-evaluate that decision...)

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